A versatile compressed Air Driven Intensifier (ADI) Nitrogen booster delivering up to 180Nl/min output flow rates at pressures upto 350BarG. The booster requires a compressed air feed of 6 – 8 BarG and a minimum Nitrogen inlet pressure of 15BarG.

The booster system is housed in a mobile cabinet complete with a 4 litre high pressure Nitrogen storage receiver.

Suitable for supply of high pressure gas to either GPC FX or GPC SF range of gas pressure controllers.

Cost effective stand alone basic controller for gas assissted molding when using a bottled nitrogen supply. Lower investment cost when compared with a dedicated Nitrogen generator and high pressure compressor system.

High pressure ADIs are available for pressures upto 700 BarG.

Features and Benefits

Low investment system enabling easy start up for one or two machines.

Versatile being easily connected to GPC FX and GPC SF gas controllers.

This mobile unit is fitted with castors so it can easily be moved around.

Flexible and can be used with standard Nitrogen bottles for its gas supply.

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