TAL series stainless steel (corrosion free) single hopper loader is designed to provide rapid transportation of freeflowing for virgin resin or regrind resin directly to injection molding machine. The design of hinged upper cover of vacuum motor ensures quick cleanup time and easy maintenance.

Single Induction Autoloaders

Stainless Single Autoloaders

Single Autoloaders


Easy Maintenance / Quick Cleanup

The single-phase vacuum suction motor creates a flow of air which carries the plastic granules into the hopper through the material conveying hose during setting suction time. The granules are then discharged directly into the processing machine hopper. This cycle is repeated until both the machine hopper and hopper loader are full.

Reliable Performance

The setting and displaying for loading time, loading function, and mode selection digitally are controlled by microprocessor. Fault diagnosis & alarm are provided as standard features of the control. All models are built by the highest quality with stainless steel for providing consistent, reliable performance.


  • Stainless steel construction for ensuring material free from contamination.
  • Motor overload protection device ensures its long service life.
  • The adoption of Cloth mesh filter and stainless screener for double filtration protection to filter dust and motor reverse cleaning function.
  • Mechanical stainless flap is fitted which don’t need to be adjusted according to different material.
  • Auto – cleaning function.
  • Autoloaders equip with photo sensors which are mounted onto the feeding port of injection molding machines; autoloaders equip with proximity switch which are mounted onto the hopper dryers.
  • To adopt glass tube with photo sensor (static capacity detection) for precisely detect material conveying.
  • Automatic material shortage alarm.
  • Hopper receivers and bases are locked by hinge, easy for dismantle.

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