Water Type Mold Temperature Controllers use water as heating media to realize heat exchange by direct cooling for standard temperature control from 120~160℃. Water type has its superiorities with high efficient heat transmission, less pollution, water resource easy to be attained with low cost.

Practical New Patent for structure of cooler

Patent No:ZL 201120245120.X



  • Electronic control panel and machine body are isolated to acquire good effects on heat insulation in order to extend the service life of electrical components.
  • P.I.D multi-stage temperature control system can save power up to 35% thanks to control temperature accurately & reasonably.
  • Perfect safety protection and error indication display which are easy maintained and repaired ,even without professionals can do it.
  • Imported hi-class parts with long service life.
  • Rapid heating and cool down speeds lead temperature to be kept precisely and stably with accuracy up to ±0.1 .
  • Unique heating design are suitable to different temperature control application with excellent & distinct power saving.
  • 304 stainless steel integrated pipelines with less pipe resistance and even heating for long service life.
  • Automatic air-exhausting function after startup.
  • Air blowing and return water function.

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