The energy saving type simplifies the design of system which reduces power consumption, high efficiency, ultra energy saving up to 60%. The design of machine appearance is compact to save space, ideal to high demands on limited space of clean workshop. It can move everywhere conveniently thanks to no requirement of cooling water for machines. The mechanical construction is simple to enhance machine reliable. The series design particularly for optic products. It adapts PLC controller with the superior features on easy operation, stable function, low power consumption. The drying air flow ranges from 30~200 m3/hr. In addition, we design optic class 3 in 1 compact heatless dehumidifying dryers (energy saving type) for optic products to satisfy with customers’ various demands.



  • To integrate the function of dehumidifying , drying and two-stage conveying into single unit. Three- stage conveying function is optional.
  • To improve the quality of finished products greatly thanks to supply stable dehumidified at – 40 dew-point.
  • Low power consumption , high efficiency. ( power consumption for energy saving type with reading 0.6 kW.h while conventional type with reading2.5 kW.h )
  • Double- wall insulated hopper dryers features down-blowing pipe design to avoid heat dispersion for improving drying efficiency.
  • Feeding system is made of stainless steel to eliminate material contamination.
  • Closed-loop circulation for dehumidified air & feeding system to avoid the possibility of moisture regain for absorbing outside air duringmaterial conveying.
  • To adopt electromagnetic contactless relay control heating. ( option)
  • Intelligent microprocessor control for faulty alarm & pre-heating setting.
  • Optical – class powder- removing models are suitable for clean workshop.
  • Multiple safety protection device.
  • Using imported superb parts which enhance function and extend service life for saving maintenance cost.
  • Powder coated frame of machine with exquisite appearance.
  • Compact construction; small footprint to save space ; move conveniently for any machines use.
  • Optimum design for easy maintenance.

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