Drying equipment that produce lianr and Light Guide Plate in clean environment. Usual be used for PC,PMMA,COP,COC,PA46,OKP,PPS,PEI (ULTEM)



  • Be full of high concentration nitrogen, above 98%,improve the qualified of molding.
  • American original nitrogen generator.
  • Reduce product yellowing during molding, improve the qualified of product.
  • Material in whole sealing, not suffer from external environment.
  • Dryer hopper installed above injection machine(below 25kg).
  • Delaying carbonization time of make-up machine screw, reduce maintenance cost of machine.
  • Apply dehumidifying air with compression air heatless regeneration principle from Japan.
  • The equipment clean the powder optically.
  • Delivery nitrogen in close system.
  • Ultralow energy consumption.
  • Multiple protect equipment.
  • Also it can wipe off nitrogen equipment, use it as dehumidification dryer(option).

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