RTC™ Hot Oil Heating / Cold Oil Cooling                                                 
Oil of correct type and grade can be heated up to 350°C and cooled down to 40°C without unacceptable changes in viscosity. The heat transfer rate is as much as 50% less than hot water but the higher temperatire range and lower operating pressures make it an attractive alternative to pressurised hot water; and when comparing investment costs an attractive alternative to steam heating.

Oil can be heated up to 350°C and therefore will be suitable for plastic materials of high melt temperatures in the reion of 300°C.

Extra care must be taken in mould design, selection of accessories including, pipes, connections, seals and other components within the mould.

After the mould plate surface has been heated to the required process temperature and plastic injected to fill the mould cavity, the flow of hot oil is switched to a supply of pre-cooled oil at the same pressure to maintain the flow at pressures required for increased viscosity.

Hot Oil controllerHot Oil Benefits
▪ Higher temperatures at lower pressures when compared with hot water and steam.
▪ Compact equipment controlling both hot and cold oil.

Hot Oil is an effective process when:
▪ Mould temperatures of up to 300°C are required.
▪ The mould & circuit piping are designed / specified for oil.
▪ Oil of appropriate type and grade is used.
▪ It is inadvisable to use hot oil equipment designed for hot water and vice versa.

The HOC controller is available with heating capacities in the range 18 – 96kW and required cooling capacity is from 36kW.

Hot Oil Heating block schematic

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